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This Is Me

Je crois aux femmes fortes

I believe in strong women. That is my motto, my mantra of sorts.

Why is it you ask?

Because my mother is a strong woman, and her mother was a strong woman. Because I am a strong woman. I constantly see, when I take a look at the world and societal norms, women are made to think they are not strong. That they are not smart. That they are not beautiful.

That is where I come in. That is how Zoulette was born. My passion for fashion and my belief in strong women. Zoulette is a luxury clothing brand designed to support and create strong, confident women. I am here to lift you up and inspire you – no matter where you are from, no matter what shape, size, or color you are, I am your hype girl.

Are we perfect? No. No one is. But we can definitely be the best versions of ourselves, and that is starting with you believing in yourself too. Believe in strong women.

I believe in strong women. Je crois aux femmes fortes. I believe in YOU.

Cheers Love, Yasmine Zoulette Jean

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