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My name is Yasmine Jean, born and raised in New York. Well, I’ll start by saying that this has been a long, eventful journey that’s been beautifully transformed into a rewarding and fruitful masterpiece; the process of building and creating this ever lasting brand , with so many ups and downs, I am indubitably grateful for all the strength, power, and my most powerful tool, my mind, that God has given me because I definitely would have been lost without it. Just like many other entrepreneurs, I’ve always wanted to start a business but my hindering questions were exactly what you’d expect: how, why, when, and where? Initially, as a personal stylist/shopper, I always found myself uplifting women and ensuring they felt good about themselves regardless of circumstance, and from there, I knew I wanted to do more... above and beyond, actually. I wanted to leave an everlasting impact so powerful on women that it would reach generationus of different women around the world and forever pervade the fashion industry for years and years to come.

My vision behind my brand creation was to capture, transform and enforce women’s essences and newfound esteem. After days, months, and years of curating my perfect epitome of what I wanted my brand to represent, the brand, Zoulette, was born, on April 20th, 2020. Zoulette is my beloved, French mother’s name, representing a strong, resilient and hardworking woman, which I aspire all our Zoulette wearers to embody. My mom is my hero and my biggest role model hence why I named it after her, I felt compelled to name my biggest creation after my biggest inspiration. Her name is so powerful and special to me because of how hard I’ve seen her work and all the sleeplessness she’s endured just to make sure I never went without, even to this day.

But today in 2023 I am introducing Zoulette to every single boss woman and boss man around the world whether you’re a mother, wife, husband , brother, student, young or older independent entrepreneur, or you feel like you’re undervalued, or suffer low self esteem... Zoulette is here to uplift, boost confidence and change your reality all-around, all shapes, colors, and sizes!