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Black Women Therapist

Hi my name is Kasey Holyfield. I am the owner of KCounseling LLC. My company has a focus in anger management that we specialize in. I have two masters degrees in psychology and clinical counseling. I am also a certified anger management specialist and a LAPC in the state of Georgia. My inspiration for creating this business was being an observant child. Growing up I saw how anger was at the forefront of a lot of good things that went bad. I knew that if people had the skill to express how they were really feeling or the tools for effective communication the outcomes of a lot of situations could have looked different. 5 years ago I gave myself a 5 year planIn making my dream a reality. I am now watching my vision come to life. My overall goal is to build a private practice that stands apart from the others. I want to highlight and master the skill of individualizing the experience for each person. No two people will get the same experience from my program because I want to gear it to match individual needs. While I currently specialize in anger management, I want the future of my private practice to also include my specialization in trauma therapy. I am inspired by each client who comes in and commits to the program. I love seeing the transformation of each individual client who gets exactly what they were looking for from my program. While we are a program that is accepted by courts in all 50 states, my favorite part of the program are the clients who come in for personal development. KCounseling believes in the mission of our program and I take great pride in my program and watching it grow. 

Kasey Holyfield,

Djuan always wanted to be a lawyer as a little girl but somewhere along the way she was introduced to the world of psychology and decided that she wanted to be a therapist. Over the years she has gained a plethora of experience both in and out of the classroom that has impacted her delivery of services. She views therapy as an interaction that is rooted in trust, collaboration, self-study and enhancing the things a person already does to become a therapeutic tool. Her clients love that she walks alongside them in their journey while providing the tools they need to whether the various life events that occur. Djuan’s main goal is to guide people to the realization that they can co-create the life that they want and be unapologetic about it at the same time. 

Djuan’s extensive practice experience reflects her commitment and passion to individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma. Her work has focused primarily on children and families, providing clinical services in various setting including child welfare, community mental health and education. Additionally, she has served in administrative positions providing supervision, training and consultation to other helping professionals. 

Djuan’s clinical practice interests include generational and developmental trauma, toxic relationships, stress management, and spiritual growth. She has worked with children and families for the past eight years. She is the owner of Dahlia Rose Wellness Center, LLC, located in Philadelphia, PA where she specializes in Women’s issues (specifically parenting, relationships, postpartum, and life transitions), depression, anxiety and complex trauma. She recently started a coaching branch of her business where she is working with women to become spiritual entrepreneurs by using their innate gifts. She is supporting women around the country with grow into their divine selves. 

When Djuan is not working, she is enjoying her new home (she bought a home as her 30th birthday gift to herself). She loves trying new plant-based recipes and experimenting with vegan baked goods. Djuan also enjoys spending time out in nature. 

She received her BA in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park and her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania. Djuan is registered yoga teacher and she is currently pursuing a certification in yoga therapy. 

You can check her out at: 

IG: DaRoWellness 

Twitter: DaRoWellness 

“Being a therapist means I am giving back. As a young girl I learned what it meant to be a strong powerful woman as my mother raised four upstanding children while being a pillar in her community. Yet, I noticed she had a tribe of other women who were caring. These women helped one another, but also the elderly in the community, teens with issues that arise in an inner city, as well as young girls who needed support with learning to care for themselves. As a young lady, I wanted to make an impact and let people know they are not alone in their darkest moments, let people feel heard when those closest do not understand,  or to normalize their struggles and give them hope. This is a tough profession due to the vicarious trauma but I do it willingly to support my community, children, teens, adults, and those going through transitions. My job is to uplift others, provide clinical knowledge, and support them to recognize their strengths and get them to their goals. Being a therapist means I am a change agent. I gladly accept the role and the blessing that has been placed on my life to be in this position. I fully understand the responsibility and magnitude of being a good therapist.

Love & Light,
Denyta Girard, LP

I can remember my emotions spiraling out of control after having my second baby in 2010. I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden I was struggling with how I felt about myself and where all these powerful emotions was stemming from.

I’ve been in the behavioral health field for a while at the time so I was familiar & even open to the idea of therapy, but for some reason I could not find a solid therapist. I found myself saying “no” when I saw therapists profile pics, and when I settled on one, I remember meeting with a them and having to explain what certain things meant before even getting to why I was there. In the black community, we have our own lingo & rhetoric and unique family dynamics and any attempt to explain it was time consuming and an unnecessary barrier. After 3-4 initial sessions with middle aged white women looking at me with their assumptions about my childhood and judgmental eyes about my way of life, I eventually quit therapy and found alternative ways to deal with my emotions , 4 years later I became an avid runner.

Long story short, I sought out to become what I needed, and what I wanted to be for other women who needed support in understanding themselves. Being a therapist hits different when you’re also a black woman, visibly Muslim, wife & mother raising black sons. It’s the instant sense of trust, empathy, & that “what’s understood don’t need to be explained” feeling that you have when you walk in and can identify with someone who looks like you, your mother, your favorite auntie, or your older cousin.

Being a black woman therapist means freedom to be myself with clients and for my clients to be themselves with me. It’s the freedom to attend a virtual session and feel comfortable enough to talk about your trauma while taking your braids out. It’s the freedom to say & hear phrases like “it hit different” or “that ain’t that” & “the marathon continues” without any bias, but rather with full comprehension. It’s the freedom to be and allow others be & show up as their complete full selves without hiding parts of their identity. Freedom to embrace all of who you are stem from feelings of safety & security, and when we feel safe that’s when the healing begins. I’m extremely honored to be called to serve in this way. To hold space & offer, support, empathy & compassion to my community that’s often misunderstood.

So when I think of what it means to be a Black female therapist, proud is an understatement. 2020 has been a time for us sis, & I feel like I’m very much apart of “the revolution will not be televised” movement, & I fully accept it.

Naseemah Palmer, LSCW, MS
IG & FB: @vividbelle

Hello Everyone. I am Shawnnell Batiste, Licensed professional counselor and owner of Choosing Empowerment, LLC. I provide mental health therapy virtually to people in Louisiana and Texas. Choosing Empowerment has been growing since its inception in 2015. I consider myself a lifelong therapist as I feel as though I was born with this gift. Most of my life, I have attracted the broken and naturally tried to help them feel better. At 7 years old, I decided that I wanted to be a child psychiatrist, and so, my journey began. In high school, I was known as the person that anyone could talk to without fear of disclosure. After graduating high school, I set out to Southern University at Baton Rouge to major in psychology. Gaining my bachelor’s degree was a long 13-year struggle, as I made several decisions that cost me some time and I learned to deal with the realities of life. I changed schools several times while trying to find myself. I eventually found myself working a full-time job, taking care of my baby, and trying to finish school. I even commuted the two hours between New Orleans and Baton Rouge to attend Louisiana State University where I graduated in 2003. After getting married, having another child, and adopting five more, I decided I needed to continue the pursuit of my career by getting my master’s degree in professional counseling and attaining my license.

I love all things psychological and analytical. Being a mental health and Wellness advocate, Educator, and healer is not only what I do, but also it is deeply ingrained and who I am. My favorite show is Criminal Minds. I totally enjoy psychological thrillers. (And yes, I naturally analyze people). I see people from a different perspective. I see behaviors as a symptom of something deeper. While many people may say, “What’s wrong with him/her/them?”, I would say, “What happened to them?” There are so many skills we fail to learn when our needs are not met in childhood. There is so much hurt in a person who has experienced trauma…and most of us have. That pain presents itself in many forms and usually destroys from the inside out. I honor the opportunity to help people heal, grow and become empowered. My target populations are the Black community, Women, Foster and Adoptive children, adults and families, LGBTQ+ community, and other people in helping professions such as other therapists. I have a heart for the disenfranchised and marginalized populations. I absolutely love being a therapist. I especially love being a black female therapist. The black community has been hurting for quite a long time and there have always been barriers to getting the help that is needed, most times the barrier is within. I consider myself a barrier breaker. Whether it is time, distance, mindset, stigma, finances, or access, the barriers need to be removed so that we can get the healing that we need.

I created Choosing Empowerment on the premise that we are all given the greatest gift and that is Free Will. We make thousands of decisions daily, each having a consequence or resulting action. Why not be intentional about the outcome you desire? Choosing well is a skill that comes with experience and wisdom. You can get that wisdom from the experience on your own, or you can achieve it through learning from the experiences of those who can offer a different perspective. Either way, it is your choice!

I would love to see therapy treated as a norm, just as seeing your family doctor is. I would also love to see people learn to be proactive instead of waiting until things fall apart to seek help. I, as many other black therapists, intend to become a catalyst for changing the way Mental Health is viewed, especially by BIPOC. We are hurting. We deserve healing. We desire growth. We need Love. Love for ourselves and Love for each other. I am grateful that I have been chosen to shoulder the major responsibility of helping my people become Empowered!! I LOVE being a Therapist!!

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LeNaya, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(MFT) and Holistic Wellness Expert. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Spelman College and her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Trauma Therapy. In addition to her degrees, she is a Registered Play Therapist, Gottman trained couples therapist, certified yoga, sound and meditation guide, media contributor and teacher. 

As the Holistic MFT, LeNaya specializes in bridging holistic wellness practices with traditional psychotherapy, on people’s paths to healing and purpose. Through the blending of the MIND (psychotherapy and therapeutic strategies), BODY (Yoga, play, and movement), and SOUL (meditation, sound healing, chakras, and essential oils), she helps people protect their peace, cultivate joy improve relationships, and embrace self love. 

With over 10 years of experience, LeNaya specializes in working with women, couples, and families with a variety of challenges including: anxiety, depression, trauma, self care, relationships, identity and self-esteem. 

LeNaya is a sought after Mental Health and Wellness Expert and has been featured on several platforms including the New York Times, the Huffington Post and Health line. LeNaya is the owner and Clinical Director of Kaleidoscope Family Therapy and Co- Owner of Seviin Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia.

What a Therapist Means to Me?
I remember getting ready to go to college as a senior in high school and having to choose between a business or a psychology major. I struggled with that decision for a while and was constantly looking for a sign. Then, while working in an after school program, I encountered a young student who was unable to read or write and struggled in school because of this. The student was misunderstood. He was acting out and no one listened to him. They labeled him as “trouble” and “defiant.” Instead of disciplining or punishing him, I just decided to build a relationship with him little by little every day. I didn’t expect any work or expectations from him but he expected our daily sessions because he felt seen.
After working with him, I decided to be a psychologist. Working with him defined what therapy means for me and what it should mean for the clients I work with. Therapy means being heard. It means being seen. It means being supported. For at least 45 minutes to an hour, all my clients get to be in an environment where they can release the pain in their heart and bear their souls without judgment. Being a therapist means being the one person you can turn to when you feel like no one else around you is listening. Just like my student from many years ago, I work everyday to make sure that everyone I come into contact with feels “seen.” They get to learn from me and I get to learn from them. We grow as a team. We grow together.

Thanks , Dr.Samara Toussaint

Kimberly Parker is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing behavior and mental health therapy for adults, children, and families.  She is a graduate of Fayetteville State University and of Savannah State University earning a Bachelor Art degree in Sociology and Master of Social Work degree. She is currently a student at Capella University with the expectance of earning Doctor of Social Work degree in 2022.

Kimberly is the wife of James Parker and mother of Kyra age 21 and Christopher age 16.

Kimberly is a native of Charlotte, NC.  When asked why she became a Social Worker, “I love helping people grow to reach their desired goals. Negative thoughts feelings and self-defeating behaviors can get in the way of us realizing our full potential. I believe in the power we have within us to transform and overcome the smallest mistakes to the largest obstacles. I want to help people do just that.”

My clinical experience includes working with youth, adults and families focused on mood disorders (depression, anxiety, Bipolar II), behavior modification, interpersonal development, trauma, and substance abuse. My therapy approach is solution focused working towards your identified goals.  I utilize mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy treatment modalities to create change. Progress in therapy will be dependent on the work we do together during therapy sessions and the work you’ll need to do outside of session as follow through. I am the owner of a private behavioral and mental health practice consisting of five therapist who share the same professional values and principles.

My name is Raven Brown, in practice, I also go by Ray. I received my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from New York University. Currently, I work as a psychotherapist in a group private practice located between NYC and Long Island, New York, with a large clientele of Black individuals. It was important to me to be employed in a facility that accepted most insurances and offered a sliding scale in regards to payments, to increase the accessibility for the Black community.

My journey as a therapist began because of the Black community. To see so many creatives, and watch our community make something big from nothing, shows me how amazing and resilient we are. However, our people have and continue to endure so much trauma, taking an impact on our mental health whether we realize it or not. Our unique experience being Black in America, can have lasting effects on the way we view ourselves and others. As we know, the stigma associated with mental health, particularly in the Black community, impacts many people’s willingness to seek professional support. My goal is to completely redefine how Black people view therapy and mental health.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be bland, boring or white-washed. I knew the importance of people wanting to seek therapists that look and act like them, which motivated me to continue my journey in the mental health field. My approach to therapy is for me to open, realistic, and inviting. In sessions, we use slang, rap music, incorporate social media memes, and use pop culture topics (like the infamous “entanglement” Red Table Talk conversation with Jada Pickett Smith), etc., to heal you. To me, the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. I ensure that all of my clients feel comfortable, allowing freedom to show up however you want; we laugh, we cry and most importantly we heal– together.


Allanté Burnell MS, TLLPI am a Masters Level Psychologist who specializes in therapy interventions targeted to treat Trauma disorders (and exposure to trauma), Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Personality Disorders, and issues related to Racial Identity, in addition to issues related to Sexual/Gender Identity.

Why you made it a business ?
A rise in Mental Health Awareness needs to occur to normalize the need for quality therapy services with the African American community (as well as other minority based communities). Becoming a therapist was initially important to me, because I wanted to understand why people behaved in a certain manner, and know how to change and mediate problematic symptoms and behaviors. As time progressed, this motivation evolved into the desire to see my patients succeed, and help them to accomplish goals that previously did not seem attainable.

What inspired you to become a therapist your overall goals as a therapist?

Throughout my entire life, I have been interested in how we cognitively process information. Whether it being how we process fear or excitement, how we store memories, or the understanding the phenomenon of multigenerational oppression (“curses”) within family systems and its impact on developing generations. I began to observe how Psychology was the driving force which impacts each persons life in a different way. My goal as a therapist is to help my patient understand the personal impact their psychological process has on them internally and externally. We then come together to collaboratively develop goals to help guide them down their desirable therapeutic path with the use of various therapy interventions. 


I became a therapist because it seemed as though life was not going to let me be otherwise. I would be at an event drinking my water and minding my business, and a stranger who just needed to vent would manage to find me. Maybe I was a good listener; maybe I was just a sucker. Either way, it was just one of many ways I felt called to the mental health field.

Just like my clients, I am figuring out life and all it brings one day at a time—especially in 2020. Sometimes, that means managing the stress that comes from general “adulting,” and other times, it means navigating relationships, identity, trauma, and significant life transitions and decisions. When you are stuck, it can be helpful to have a person on your team who can remain neutral to the problem but also genuinely care about you. I enjoy being that person for my clients.

I am especially excited to serve an increasing number of Black men and women who are seeking therapy given the history of stigma and other barriers to mental healthcare and wellness within the community. I help clients address challenges that are created or magnified by racism and race-related issues drawing from both my first-hand experience and my education and training on the matter.

As the owner of Chill Counseling PLLC, I am committed to helping individuals, couples, and families explore new ways to write their stories. I also co-host the Brunch and Boundaries podcast where we chat about what’s going on in the world, and most importantly, mental health and healing.

Cori Hill, MS, NCC, LPC, LMFT Associate
Chill Counseling PLLC
IG & FB: @chillcounselor

Nicole Allen is a Therapist and a Certified School Counselor with The Up Center, LLC. Her passion for others and career as a School Counselor has given her the opportunity to work with teens, adolescents, and children. Nicole possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Religious Studies from Valdosta State University, a Master of Education in Special Education from Grand Canyon University, an additional Master of Education degree in School Counseling from Albany State University and is now a candidate for her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at Grand Canyon University.

With a personal philosophy that “life is a journey, that no one should have to face alone,” Nicole encourages other to prioritize their mental health to improve overall mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. Additionally, Nicole is compassionate and committed to helping others and this passion influenced her decision to change careers as an educator to transition into private practice. “Being a therapist allows me to support and encourage but most importantly watch clients grow into their best self.” Through a holistic, blended therapeutic approach to counseling, Nicole specializes in anxiety, women’s issues, trauma, women’s issues, self-esteem, parenting, multicultural issues, and spiritual issues. 

Nicole is the founder of Beauty for Ashes, LLC, a non-profit organization that empowers women and teens girls through community to discover their purpose and manifest their dreams into reality.

The UP Center, LLC



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