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What Does Gold-Filled Even Mean?

So you’re probably wondering, what does gold-filled even mean? It basically contains more gold compared to gold plated pieces, which is why the price tag is so high. How it works is a layer of gold is pressure bonded onto a base metal. Now here’s what makes gold-filled pieces so special and different: the layer of gold in a gold-filled piece is much thicker compared to gold plated pieces. That means more bang for your buck! You’re now probably wondering exactly how much bang for your buck you’re getting with gold-filled jewelry. Legally, gold-filled jewelry must contain at least 1/20 or 5% of gold by weight and the gold layer must be 10k or higher. That’s right, there are legal standards for gold-filled jewelry, so don’t worry about getting conned for what you’re paying for. Did I mention gold-filled jewelry is an amazing substitute for solid gold jewelry if you’re not willing to commit to the price of solid gold? Because it is. 

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “Will my gold-filled jewelry tarnish?” or “How long will my gold-filled jewelry last?” Well don’t fret, because I’m here to answer those questions for you! Gold-filled jewelry will only tarnish under rare and harsh circumstances. Like you’d really have to go out of your way to make it tarnish, but I don’t see why you’d want your jewelry to tarnish so quickly. Anyways, your gold-filled jewelry should last 10 to 30 years, but you can maximize that lifespan by avoiding chlorine and salt water in pools, hot tubs, and the ocean while wearing your jewelry. But if you insist on showering with your jewelry on, that’s okay because tap water doesn’t contain enough harmful chemicals to mess your jewelry up. You might want to avoid getting ready with your jewelry on though since products like sunscreen, lotion, hairspray, and perfume can lead to faster tarnishing. We know you wanna look good with our jewelry (and trust me you will), but put it on as the last step in your routine and your jewelry will thank you by shining just as bright as you do! Avoid working out in your jewelry too because sweat can cause damage to your gold-filled piece, and I’m pretty sure you’d like your jewelry to be damage-free.

Realistically, your gold-filled jewelry will probably come into contact with everything I just mentioned regardless of how careful you are because life happens, so here’s how to clean your piece when life does happen. It’s real easy, all you have to do is soak your jewelry in warm water mixed with mild dish soap for 10 to 15 minutes. Give it a good scrub with a soft bristle toothbrush (I repeat, soft bristle only; anything else will be too harsh) and make sure it’s fully dry before putting it back in its lovely little Zoulette box. If you’re in a rush, you can also just give your jewelry a good ‘ol wipe with a soft cloth such as an eyeglasses or lens cloth. 

And that’s pretty much the rundown on gold-filled jewelry!

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