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Zoulette Women Are The Epitome Of Strength

There are times in life things don’t make sense at the moment and it can feel like the world you once knew and loved is changing before your eyes. This is exactly what happened to my mom the day she was diagnosed with brain cancer, at first the initial emotions set in; fear, anxiety, and then worst of all the numbness. I decided the afternoon I found out about her tumor that we had a choice as a family to look at this as a blessing as or a curse. One thing my mom always taught me was god is teaching us lessons and showing us what’s next for us sometimes in ways that don’t always feel easy or make sense, but there is a bigger purpose. My mom spent her entire 25 years of marriage dedicating her days to her kids, parents, and husband. She became so selfless that taking care of her health would be on the back burner because she was constantly trying to help someone else. I looked at her that day and told her, “mom this is a sign that you are going to start living for yourself, you can’t pour into others if you don’t treat yourself like the queen you are”.

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